Though there is now more updated statistics, but this article captures eyes.

Homeowners anddevelopers installed 1.33 gigawatts of solar panels in the first quarter, thesecond-largest total on record, according to the Solar Energy IndustriesAssociation.

Installation increased79 percent from the same quarter a year earlier with utility-scale projectsmaking up almost two-thirds of the total and homeowner demand surging, theWashington-based trade group said today in a statement.

Total installationsmay reach 6.6 gigawatts this year, driven by residential rooftop systems andmore than 12 gigawatts of utility projects under development, said Shayle Kann,vice president of research at Boston-based GTM Research, which publishes thequarterly market reports with SEIA. This was the first quarter when residentialsystems exceeded commercial and government solar.

Residential solar has“nowhere to go but up,” Kann said. Installation increased 38 percent to 232megawatts as financing models such as leasing make it easier for homeowners toafford rooftop panels. “The economics just keep getting better.”

Utility-scale solarfarms accounted for 873 megawatts, up from 322 megawatts a year earlier, andthere were 225 megawatts installed at commercial, government and non-profitprojects.

The first-quartertotal was lower than the record 2.1 gigawatts installed in the fourth quarter,mainly because of seasonal trends, Kann said.

Californiaaccounted for about 72 percent of all installations at 959 megawatts, followedby New Jersey in distant second at 64 megawatts and Arizona at 52 megawatts.